Barq Technology

Committed to our client’s satisfaction and in offering effective solutions to our clients. Old in Experience, BARQ-TECH has been setup with an aim of bringing intelligent and reliable, customer oriented solutions in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications to the Saudi Market with management team of the company has a time tested combined experience.

Our Operations

BARQ-TECH information technology our organiza- tion was set up to tap the vast potential in com- munications and IT business in K.S.A. BARQ-TECH is a financially sound company and its strength and experience of the local market has enabled it to develop excellent relations.

Our Mission

We believe that the secret of our progress in providing everything processions to the aspira- tions of our customers that we are no matter what we have achieved success never stop exploring ways to improve our performance, which ensures an even brighter future for us and for those who rely on our products as we are contributing to participate in the develop- ment of the economy depends on the knowl- edge of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Our Vision

To become a globally recognized, respected, and reliable leader in IT Business Solution and Services inspiring a new model of Professional Services, hence becoming the partner and employer of. For us the past is a guide to the future and the future bodes well with the challenges and new opportunities.